Saturday, 21 July 2012

Battlefield 4 BETA Codes FREE Download - PS3, XBOX 360 & PC!

The Battlefield 4 BETA Has been leaked by EA on the Origin Website, If You Pre-Order Medal Of Honor: Warfighter you will get Exclusive BETA Access for Battlefield 4 BETA, Fortunately There's No need as We've Created a BF4 BETA Code Generator for you guys!

Download the Battlefield 4 BETA Code Generator Free Here!

Step 1: Hit the Download Button Below

Step 2: Note We Offer a Limited Download of 5000 Only, This is to stop the Over-Saturation of Non-Legit Redeeming Gamers and to Keep our Cloaks under the Radar, In Order to Prevent Mass Bot Downloads We Have Implemented a Secure Gateway to Unlock our DLC/BETA Downloads, Prove you are Human by completing a Short Survey and Your Download Will Start!

Step 3: Save File to Desktop, Open

Step 4: Hit "XBOX", "PS3" or "PC" At the Bottom of the Generator, Copy down your code.

Step 5: Go To the Xbox Marketplace, PSN Store, Steam or Origin and Redeem your DLC Code!
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